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The SynchroFeed process

The SynchroFeed welding process developed by OTC DAIHEN in 2016 enables:

  • higher welding speed
  • drastically reduced heat input
  • extremely low weld spatter formation

Based on the peak dip transfer process (PDT process), which realizes a controlled drop transfer in the short circuit phase, the servo-driven wire feeding system is designed with a cyclic retracting controlled wire movement and the intelligent wire buffer for a perfect welding result.

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SynchroFeed process

SynchroFeed Evolution

Proven technology with new features

With SynchroFeed Evolution, OTC DAIHEN could expand the range of applications drastically:

  • Pulse welding for use with thicker plates
  • Push Arc welding for a flatter welding seam
  • AC/MIG welding for gap bridging with thin aluminum sheets and different sheet thicknesses
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SynchroFeed Evolution

Two variants

  • Multiple usage of power sources (P402L, P502L, W400)
  • Combination of SynchroFeed with AC/MIG
  • Suitable for aluminum alloys, mild steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous alloys
  • Entrance version of SynchroFeed
  • Upgrade to SynchroFeed Pro possible
  • Developed for mild steel and stainless steel welding


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